The story

Unexplicable phenomena are taking place across the globe. All at once a pot, a car, a house or factory, starts getting colder and colder in the middle of summer, or even on the Equator…until they freeze!  Many, even quirkier, events take place at the same time: black outs, strange smells, electromagnetic interferences and malfunctionings.

No one has  an explanation, and while at first the governments tried to keep the facts under wraps, soon they became too many and ubiquitous for control. Now there is panic all around the world. With a number of casualties and huge financial damages. The Second Law, a very basic rule of physics, is broken.

The Earth seems doomed to a new Ice Age.

Some scientists says that only an army of Maxwell’s Demons could be responsible for such a subversions of the ordinary laws of nature. But these creatures were thought to be just imaginary entities, and nobody ever imagined witnessing the fall of the Second Law… how could this happen?