Our crowdfunding is over…

Hi everybody, our crowdfunding campaign is over, and unfortunately we didn’t achieve our goal. But for us this is not a failure, it’s just a step forward in our project!Thanks to the campaign we received appreciations beyond any expectation for our work, and precious advices on how to continue the development of Maxwell’s Daemons. And […]

We are on Kickstarter!

Our crowdfunding campaign is ready to take off! Take a look at our Kickstarter page and support our videogame Maxwell’s Daemons: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boltzbrains/maxwells-daemons If you love our project, help us to spread the word! Set your profile picture on social media with the image below and share our crowdfunding page link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boltzbrains/maxwells-daemons Thanks <3

What is a Maxwell’s Demon?

Did you ever notice how things go? Things fall apart, people grow old, memories fade out, good things abound, but invariably have a cost, and meanwhile the inner energy of isolated systems stays the same. This is Thermodynamics in three lines. In particular its First and Second Laws (that’s basically all there is to it). […]

What is Boltzbrains

Once upon a time there was a Boltzmann Brain* floating in space, all alone…and he dreamed of three guys: at first they were three theoretical chemists, but one day they became scientific game developers! This is the story of Boltzbrains in a nutshell! In our academic life we deal with the secret life of atoms […]

Maxwell’s Dæmons – the story

There is a mysterious land, a wild, eerie and paradoxical realm where no man ever walked. An unbelievably vast, uncharted territory filled with extravancies that no poet ever envisioned. Vast plains, towering, geometrical mountains, dizzying cliffs and other things for which there are no common words in our language.How far does one have to travel […]

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