Our crowdfunding is over…

Hi everybody,

our crowdfunding campaign is over, and unfortunately we didn’t achieve our goal. But for us this is not a failure, it’s just a step forward in our project!Thanks to the campaign we received appreciations beyond any expectation for our work, and precious advices on how to continue the development of Maxwell’s Daemons. And this is something that definitely fueled our enthusiasm for what we are doing!

So if you love our project and you want to have news from us, keep following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit. Otherwise, write us an email to info@boltzbrains.com, we’ll put you on our special mailing list!

Maxwell’s Daemons developing doesn’t stop here, we are just more motivated than ever to make it, one way or another!

Thanks again for your help, every single pledge has been a special gift for us <3

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