Maxwell’s Dæmons – the story

There is a mysterious land, a wild, eerie and paradoxical realm where no
man ever walked. An unbelievably vast, uncharted territory filled with extravancies that no poet ever envisioned. Vast plains, towering, geometrical mountains, dizzying cliffs and other things for which there are no common words in our language.
How far does one have to travel to find it?
-Well, far enough, although not in length…but in size!
On the tip of a needle, on a grain of sand, on a speck of dust, on your fingertip!
There the microverse is!
Let us introduce to you the first adventure set in the microscopic world: Maxwell’s Daemons.

Inexplicable phenomena are taking place across the globe.
They are called MLTI (Macroscopic Local Time Inversion) or Freezlins.
Suddendly a pot, a car, a house or a factory, start getting colder and colder
in the middle of summer, or even on the Equator…until they freeze!
Many, even quirkier, events take place beside a Freezlin: black outs, strange smells, electromagnetic interferences and malfunctionings.
–One unverified claim is that before one of these episodes a fried egg got uncooked!–
No one has an explanation, and while at first the governments tried to keep the facts under wraps, soon these ecents multiplied, and became too widespread to be kept under control. Now there is panic all around the world, with a number of casualties and huge financial damages.
Moreover it looks as if the Earth is slowly and steadily getting colder since these episodes started a pair of years ago.
Some scientists say that only an army of Maxwell’s Demons could be responsible for such subversions of the ordinary laws of nature, and in particular of the deepest of them all: The Second Law.
But these creatures were thought to be just imaginary entities, and nobody ever expected witnessing the fall of the Second Law…how could this happen?

Well, we have a courtesy to ask you!
We need a valid person for a very special mission.
Accept, and you’ll be sent in the microworld, shrunk to a billionth of your size, to walk among atoms and molecules in search of a solution to this mystery.
A previous expedition was lost some time ago, and you should first of all find out what happened to them, before getting rid of what’s going on in the depth of matter.

In the vastness of the microrealm you’ll be alone, apart from JC, a very smart AI which – or who? – will guide you, and help with all of our scientific knowledge. However you’ll possibly reach a point beyond which no known theory could be of any help!

A top-secret miniaturizing technology will allow you to use a number of chemicals for different purposes throughout your quest, to open your way, build things or, if necessary, to defend yourself…against what we cannot tell!
Part of the equipment is also a source of a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths, and an absorbing ray for collecting samples of the environment and useful chemicals, be it for examination, survival or self-defence.

If you are considering our proposal JC will teach you everything you’ll need to know at due time. However let us tell you that you would benefit from a great advantage compared to the lost squad members. As you know atoms can’t be seen by means of light and eyes, but in the last weeks a prototype of a powerful headset was developed, so you are going to ‘see’ the molecular landscape, with whatever it hides, in an unprecedented
way. The new headset allows you to switch through various sight modes, so as to focus on what you think is most useful to see, at any time, amid the molecular chaos.

You look smart and brave, you can be the one we are looking for.
There is no wage for this mission. But many things to learn and wonder about, as your eyes will roam on the hidden structure of stuff. Getting at a glance what everything surrounding you is made of, and how it works in the smallest wheels.
The Earth is doomed to freeze at Absolute Zero if you don’t solve the mystery, so please give it a chance, it’s worth it
…even if you were to be lost on a grain of dust in the end!

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